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Drywall Damage: 5 Top Causes

Jan 19

Drywall Damage: 5 Top Causes

Homeowners can find it difficult to repair drywall. Although you don’t have to fix it yourself, you do have to worry about the possibility of it recurring. Here are the top five most common causes. Click here to read more.

The joy of homeownership is discovering that one of your walls has fallen apart due to an unnoticed leak.

Drywall damage can often be difficult to fix and is something many homeowners don't know how to deal with. You should call a professional to examine your wall and possibly repair any cracks or holes.

What are some possible things that could cause damage to your wall drywall? Keep reading to learn more.

1. Plumbing Leaks

Water damage is a leading cause of broken drywall.

Your plumbing may be older or not properly installed. This could lead to major problems in the future. Water-damaged drywall is just one example.

You should inspect your drywall immediately if it bulges. Once you have done this, you can replace or repair the drywall.

2. Poor Fastening

Your drywall was probably attached by joint fastening adhesive when it was first installed.

The tape can become looser over time, due to humidity or age, and begin to buckle the drywall. These will be visible on your walls.

Sometimes nails can be seen through the wall, indicating that drywall wasn't properly installed. This occurs when the nails to the drywall aren't securely in place.

Don't hammer it in place if you feel a nail is showing through. It is better to remove it from the surface and then locate the stud before nailing it in.

3. Cracking

Cracks are possible with poorly installed drywall. It is most commonly found in ceilings. If you find a crack, it is imperative that you contact an expert to fix the problem.

Cracked drywall is a safety concern. Cracking in the drywall should be noticed frequently. You should have your roofing inspection. Sometimes cracking is caused by your home settling.

Cracking is not something to ignore. Cracks only get larger, and they can become costly and complicated repairs.

4. Termite Damage

Many homeowners have termites as a major problem.

Call an exterminator as soon as you notice termite damages. Pinholes can indicate termite damage by a hollow sound made when you strike a wall or damaged paint, and wood damage.

5. Holes

Drill holes are one of the most noticeable signs of drywall destruction.

Any hole in your wall could be considered a structural problem. Holes can be caused by many things. Furniture being pushed against the wall or doors opening too fast and not being secured before it hits the wall. Sometimes children and their toys can cause irreparable damage.

It's only one of these things. If your drywall is showing signs of damage, get it repaired and patched as soon as possible.

This will prevent the wall from cracking and may even lead to complete wall replacement.

Drywall damage? Contact the experts

It is always a good idea if you need to repair drywall damage.

Sometimes damage can be even worse if it's not repaired properly. Call Drywall Houston Tx if you believe your drywall needs repair.


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