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Technology is Great, Boots on the Roof is more effective

Apr 26


The roofing industry is continually evolving. The introduction of drones or mapping technology, as well as robots capable of putting up pieces of the roof have made the work of roofs safer and easier than ever before. However, aerial photography and surveillance isn't a substitute for putting contractors on the roof to conduct inspections.

Along with these technologies estimation software has made quoting a client effortless and quick. Even though these new technology is great roofing contractors should be mindful of their limitations and never make use of them as a crutch. The roofing firm san Antonio will help you out in this regard professionally.


Which latest technology is the best suited to your needs?

Overson Roofing has found drones to be an effective instrument in the world of technology. Drones have helped make the work of our roofers easier by permitting us to conduct inspections even when the weather does not allow us to inspect our contractors to work on their roofs.


The art of roofing is mastered over years of hard work. Nothing hones that skill more than putting boots onto the roof. It's hard to beat the feeling of inspecting the roof. A drone is unable to feel areas of softness that could cause issues with drainage. A drone cannot detect dry rotting or a detached underlayment. A drone can take measurements, but it can't catch the finer details that are involved in making repairs to a roof. Drones don't have the ability to detect the small issues that will turn into major problems down the road should they be ignored.


As professional roofers, we roofing services san antonio tx want to catch all the nuances of every roof we are working on. We can't find all these problems by simply taking aerial photographs, quoting the client, and leaving. It's impossible to locate the relevant information more than climbing the roof using an ladder. There isn't a better way to work on a roof.


Which one of these options is Excellent?

Good roofing contractors must be able to get their hands on roofs. Technology is still an important aspect of the roofing industry. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic we utilized a variety of virtual systems to communicate with clients as well as send them pictures and estimates virtually. We were able to communicate with our customers and keep a distance between them and still collaborate with them. Drones and aerial photography are used in situations where it is dangerous to be on roofs for instance, during monsoons. The technology has vastly improved over the past 10 years. Our roofing company in san antonio tx will provide you with the right strategies.


We're always on search for new roofing materials, for example, special coatings, and underlays. We have seen some of the most significant tech advances over the past few years, with the underlays we utilize. We have transitioned to using rubberized fiberglass-reinforced based sheets. We've seen this as a significant advancement in roofing technology, particularly in Arizona and other states where extreme temperatures are unavoidable for our customers. Arizona roofing systems can reach temperatures of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and the expanded rubberized fiberglass can be expanded without breaking.

Select a roofing contractor who is reputable.

Roofing contractors always need to think about the climate they are working in as roofing is extremely regional. What is effective in Florida or California doesn't necessarily work in Arizona. As Arizona roofing contractors, we face a very hot and dry climate that presents distinct challenges than a moist, humid, or cold climate. As roofing contractors who are professionals, it is our responsibility to educate and inform the customer about which roof type and what kind of home is best.


Solar reflective roofing shingles are also being investigated. The coating of the granules absorbs more heat from the roof. They cool the roof and make it more efficient with regard to energy consumption.


As roofing professionals We at Shield Roofing are always experimenting with new technology, but the widespread adoption is a slow procedure because we have to examine the latest technology and make sure it works. This does not suggest that the technology is effective or appropriate for our customers. Every roofing contractor must test and gather the data needed to ensure they are providing top quality materials and doing the best job for their clients.


The roofing industry has developed tremendously over the past few years But that doesn't mean you should instantly begin leaning on it to do the job. Roofing contractors need to place their boots onto the roof as often as it is safe to do so. In this way, roofing contractors have a thorough inspection of every square inch of the roof of their clients and giving them an accurate estimate and the most effective repair or install possible.

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